Eclipse Glasses

We are out of eclipse glasses-- they went FAST! Other places you may be able to get some (call ahead to check):

-University Book Stores on State St and in Hilldale mall: $9 limit 4 per customer
-Hyvee on Whitney Way in Madison: Will sell a limited number today at noon, $10 each
-UW Space Place: Will sell a limited number tonight between 7 and 9pm. No price listed.
-Sun Prairie Library has a very limited supply of free glasses as of this morning.
-Spring Green Library has a few glasses.

Can't get glasses?

-You can make a pinhole projector:

-Welders' goggles/masks with a rating of 14 or higher are safe to use for looking directly at the sun.

-Get more tips from NASA at

Please do NOT risk looking directly at the sun! You may suffer eye damage.