Winners of the 3rd Annual Art Show

2018 Art Show Winners

Congratulations to the many talened local artists who shraed their work with us at our 3rd Annual Fine Arts Show. We will be doing this again next year, so please do submit your new masterpieces in 2019! Our judge this year was Dave Pawl, President of the Watertown Art Council, and art teacher at Watertown High School. All prizes were funded by the Friends of the Library (thank you!). For pictures, check out our Facebook page.

1st Janell Horne “Ranger”
2nd Patti Fellenz “Hyde Mill”
3rd Barb Key “Stalagmite Buttons”

Fiber Arts
1st Melissa Wiegand “Teepee”
2nd Glen Kordus “Two Grey Hills”
3rd Becky Kubehl “Slouchy Beret”

3D Art
1st Damon Tolhurst “Golden Roses”
2nd Irene Olson “Sentinels”
3rd John Ponti “Monster Box”

Illustrative Art/Drawing
1st Kevin Opoku-Apooh “Self Portrait”
2nd Linda Degnau “Cora, My Love”
3rd Abigail Driscoll
“The Process of Seeing”

1st Bob Noetzler “Mike Klienhanz Farm”
2nd Joan O’Connor “Saw Sandstone Arches”
3rd Amelia Nowak “Hartwig’s”

1st  Becky Kubehl “Red Tiger Eyes”
2nd Michelle Ponti “Arctic Chill”
3rd Michelle Ponti “All Fired Up”

Computer Generated/Enhanced
1st  Jessica Ungaro “Tree of Dark Life”
2nd Jessica Ungaro “Tree of Fiery Life”
3rd  -no other entries-

People’s Choice

Amelia Nowak “Afternoon Sun”

Best in Show
Amelia Nowak “Afternoon Sun”