Mini Golf Course Rental

The Friends of the Marshall Library built a fantastic nine hole mini golf course for an annual Mini Golf in the Library fundraiser.


The nine holes are named:
#1 Down the Fire Pole (cup is inside the fire station.)
#2 “Phillip’s hole” (named after the builder.)
#3 Bedrock ( Flintstone’s house and you need to supply two rocks.)
#4 Your library (use a bookend and put your name on it, along with two books fanned open.)
#5 Empty Hole (good for short shots)
#6 Churchill Downs (Barn with two doors open)
#7 Roundabout (best when the back is slightly raised with a piece of foam or cardboard)
#8 Get Outta My Way, (Black corner block and pedestal.)
#9 Empty Hole, (good for long shots or odd placements.)