Mini Golf Course Rental

The Friends of the Marshall Library has built a fantastic nine hole mini golf course for its annual Mini Golf in the Library fundraiser... and you can rent it for your own event! Whether it's for a fundraiser, private party, carnival day or summer reading program, people of all ages will love the challenging obstacles.  Each hole is built in two sections for easy transportation, and is sturdy enough to bear the weight of adults. More information is listed below. The rental contract can be found here.

Contact Info– Phillip Braithwaite
608-655-3700 or


What you are renting:
9 - 4 x 4 platform “holes” complete with ball cups, “hazards” and ramps.
Pieces of flexible “bumpers” to help you lay out the course.
Pieces of 4x4 wood blocks to screw into the bumpers to manipulate the shape of the course.
Screws to put the platforms and ramps together.
Screws to fix the bumpers to the blocks and platforms.
Mini golf clubs (30) in both adult/child sizes.
Golf balls.
9 flags with poles. (brackets are on the holes)
Template for the Score sheets.

What you need to have on hand:
Colored tape to mark the “Tee” for each hole.
Colored (green tape) to run along the bottom of the ramps and to hold down some of the hazards.
Make your own Flag signs. Either with just the hole number or, your sponsors names.

Rental is for a maximum of 3 consecutive days. This allows you to set up on Fri-day and dismantle on Sunday for a two day event. Rental fee is $150.00 for each three day rental. Longer term rental can be arranged and a reduced fee for consecutive rentals will be negotiated.

Security deposit (check) will be $400. Delivery person, upon pick-up, will inspect all items for damage or missing parts and will specify any cost. The Friends have up to 30 days to complete this review and return the security deposit check.

The Mini Golf course is able to be used indoors and outdoors. Outdoor use requires you to consider the area and not place the course in mud, water, ooze, or manure. Failure to keep the underside and topside of the course clean will result in loss of your security deposit. The course should be returned clean and undamaged.

DELIVERY/PICK UP IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL PRICE. You would have to pick up and drop off the course materials from the Marshall area.

The nine holes are named:
#1 Down the Fire Pole (cup is inside the fire station.)
#2 “Phillip’s hole” (named after the builder.)
#3 Bedrock ( Flintstone’s house and you need to supply two rocks.)
#4 Your library (use a bookend and put your name on it, along with two books fanned open.)
#5 Empty Hole (good for short shots)
#6 Churchill Downs (Barn with two doors open)
#7 Roundabout (best when the back is slightly raised with a piece of foam or cardboard)
#8 Get Outta My Way, (Black corner block and pedestal.)
#9 Empty Hole, (good for long shots or odd placements.)