Zinio - on-line magazines = Free

You can download your favorite magazine to your computer, notebook or other device, for FREE, using Zinio.  The magazine does not have to be returned electronically.  There are hundreds of the top titles to choose from.  Visit the site, make an account and start downloading.  (caveat -as with almost every electronic site, the company may use your personal data so read the PRIVACY terms before you sign up).  https://www.rbdigital.com/middletonwi/service/zinio/landing

Friends of the Library give to the library.

You may not be aware of what the Friends do for the library.  Here is a short list:  paid for copier lease in 2013($1600), float costs/candy every year ($200), children's browsing bins ($850), wire book supports ($260), kitchen supplies for programs ($300), scholarships ($200 each), book carts ($600), and more.  Your support of the Friends events directly benefits the Library.  Thank You.

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