Summer Reading Program

Our next Summer Reading Program will begin in June of 2018.
The theme will be rock/music.
Please check back in Spring of 2018 for more details!





Our Summer Reading Program offers learners of all ages a variety of ways
to stay sharp and beat “summer slide.” For 2018, our theme is “Libraries Rock.”
Marshall library patrons of all ages can sign up to earn prizes by completing a series of challenges, including reading. There is no charge for this program. Each time you read a book or complete an activity, you’ll earn “library loot.” This loot can be spent in the
library’s “prize store,” stocked with a wide range of fun prizes for all ages, including toddlers and adults.

You can sign up for the Summer Reading Program starting June 1st.
Sign up by coming into the library. You'll recieve your age-appropriate Game Sheet
and other materials. OR...

You can choose to participate in the
Summer Reading Program online OR choose to stay with in-person/paper version.
Choose ONE or the OTHER, not both. You cannot switch from one to the other once you have chosen.

Why Online?
You might choose to participate in the online version of the SRP if:
-you will be out of town for much of June/July
- it’s difficult for you to get to the library
-you’re more comfortable online
-you don’t want to keep track of papers
-you are comfortable with using technology

What’s the Difference Between the Online & Paper Programs?
There’s really isn’t any difference between the two programs except how you record your completed challenges.
For the online program, you need to create an account at the link we provide.
Each time you want to get credit for completing challenges, you will log in to your account and upload pictures or code words, or simply confirm that you have done something.
(Parental controls are available for kids who create their own accounts.)
You will receive the same type and number of challenges, and the same number of “Library Loot” rewards, as the regular paper users.
You will still need to come into the library some time during our six week Summer Reading Program to get your Library Loot from a librarian and spend it in the Prize Store.

Summer Reading Program Rules

  1) You must have a valid library card to participate.
  2) All books that you read, or materials you check out, must be checked out from Marshall Library.
  3) You can’t complete a challenge more than once (unless it’s listed on your Game Sheet more than once).
  4) You must spend “loot” during the Summer Reading Program.
  5) Push yourself. You should read books and do challenges that are at or above your skill level.
  6) If you are participating in more than one library’s summer reading program, please don’t “double dip.”
        (For example, don’t read 30 minutes and then use that to get an incentive from Sun Prairie AND loot from us.)
  7) Parents are responsible for their children at all events.

Activity Dates
To be announced.