Can I download ebooks through the library?

Yes, and they're free! Go to Overdrive and log in. You'll need your library card barcode. Need help? Visit Overdrive's Help page, pick up a free guide at the library, or bring your device in! We'll be glad to walk you through the process.

The Marshall Library also has Kindles available for free checkout, pre-loaded with best-selling books! Just ask at the desk.

Are there overdue fines?

          No, your library is FINE FREE! In June of 2019, the Marshall Community Library Board voted to stop charging late fees for ALL library materials checked out at our library. Materials checked out at other libraries may be subject to overdue
          fines, depending on the individual library's policy.

          Please note that fine free does NOT mean that you won't be charged for unreturned library items. If you lose, damage, or fail to return library items, your account will be charged with the replacement cost of the item.

For more information about fines, fees, and renewals, click here.

Can I return books from other libraries at the Marshall library?
Or can I return Marshall books at another library?

Yes, with a few exceptions. An item from a library in the South Central Library System can be returned at any member libraries. So you can return Sun Prairie books to Marshall, Marshall books to Madison, etc. Libraries that are not in our system include Waterloo, Lake Mills and Beaver Dam, or any school library. If you've dropped off a non-SCLS item, don't panic. This happens sometimes. Call us and we will find a way to get it back home. For a map of Wisconsin library systems and member libraries, click here.

Can I use other libraries with my Marshall card?

Yes, you can use any library in the South Central Library System.

Why does it take so long to get the item I want?

Sorry about that. Although all libraries try to buy at least 1-2 copies (and sometimes 5-6) of the latest craze, we all have to share. There are just other people ahead of you on the list. However, there are some awesome tricks to getting the stuff you want faster. One of these is to sign up for our Automatically Yours Program, which automatically puts you on hold for the latest books by your favorite authors. Ask for a form at the library!

Can I donate my used books to the library?

Yes, please do! Find out more here.

Does it cost anything to get a library card?

No, but there are a few rare exceptions. New cards are free, but if you've lost your card, there's a fee of $1.00. If you or your family members have fines or fees, those also need to be paid off before you get a new or replacement card.

Can I use the library's Community Room for my event?

See the Library Policies page.

How do I officially submit complaints or suggestions?

Write to the Marshall Community Library Board
605 Waterloo Rd, Marshall WI 53559.

How many items can I check out at one time?

"As many as you can return on time." That's our way of saying there's really no limit, but don't get in over your head!

The Marshall Library doesn't have the item I want. How can you help?

We can order items from any of the dozens of libraries in our system. Just ask! Or order items yourself with LINKcat.

How do I use LINKcat?

Click the LINKcat link above, or on the front page. In the upper right-hand corner, click "Log In To Your Account." Put in your library card barcode, with no spaces, as your login. Your PIN is a four-digit number, usually the month and day of your birth. (Example: April 2nd would be 0402).  You will be taken to your account page, where you can see all the details in your library account, including items you have checked out. You can even renew them here. To order items, click on "Advanced Search" in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Search for items by author, title, etc, and click the "place hold" button to order it. You can order multiple items at once by clicking the small square button to the left of the items, then clicking "Place Hold" on top. Then make sure you click the "Submit" button on the next screen. Questions? Ask the staff!

If this whole library system doesn't have an item I want, how can you help?

We can do an Outer-library Loan Request. If it exists in a library in Wisconsin, we can get it for you! Just ask us for an OLL Request form, and give us as much information as you can on the item. If you are looking for historic documents, click here for more information.

We can also just buy it. Ask us. Really, we love getting book recommendations! If we feel the item is of good quality and has appeal to other patrons, we will add it to the collection, and check it out to you as soon as it's processed.

Does the library offer ratings on movies?

No. If you are concerned about what your child watches, we recommend doing some online research and picking out movies with them. Industry ratings are almost always on the back of the box. You can also try movie-review websites like Kids-in-Mind.

Can I return ANY items in the outside book drop?

Please do not return Kindles, puzzles, the Wii-U, ukuleles, or monoculars through the book drop.