Village Post Office

We have a variety of stamps (Forever) available.  

As a Village Post Office (VPO), the library is does not replace the regular Marshall Post Office. We merely provide some basic post office services as a benefit for our patrons. These services are:

  • There is a blue letter collection box outside the library near the book drop.

  • Inside the library, we accept pre-paid packages being mailed inside the USA.

  • We sell Forever stamps in singles, booklets of 20, and rolls of 100.

PACKAGES CAN NOT CONTAIN ANYTHING LIQUID, FRAGILE, PERISHABLE, OR POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS or containing lithium-ion batteries.  We have to ask you if your package contains any of those materials, so please don't take offense.

Anything weighing 13 ounces or more is considered a package and should not be put in the PO Box outside.

We cannot print postage for packages. However, for priority flat-rate boxes only, you can purchase Priority stamps and Forever stamps in place of printed postage. If you have a valid library card, you can use a library computer to print off pre-paid postage labels.

We cannot accept packages being mailed to other countries, and we do not sell stamps other than Forever stamps. We do not provide tape, bubble wrap, or other packaging materials. We do have a supply of free flat-rate priority boxes.

Forever Stamp Prices*

Roll of 100 Forever Stamps $68.00
Booklet of 20 Forever Stamps $13.60
Single Forever Stamp $0.68


* Always check USPS for the most accurate prices.  We reserve the right to charge the prevailing prices even if our website is inaccurate.